Wow! WHAT???? Cleaning oven first time since purchase 2017 and it locked and dead. drug injury lawsuits and product liability lawsuits. In addition, consumers often have to pay for repairs themselves, the complaint alleges. We asked again if there was a recall or anything that Whirlpool Kitchenaid was doing for the people who had purchased this product and were told no, best option is to clean oven by hand. At the end of the self clean cycle the circuit board went blank and the door remains locked . I found that there are two thermocouples and ordered the second and installed myself (had to remove entire unit from cabinet). Just used my self cleaning feature on my Kitchen Aide oven and the panel is now non operational and the door is locked. Ugh. These parts should glow red when the oven heats up. Wife used the self-cleaning function and now the bottom door is locked and the screen is dead. Plaintiffs Reginald and Joann Whitley state that they purchased a new KitchenAid wall oven in September of 2013. After the second self cleaning it quite heating. It’s costing me almost $400 to repair! Please add me to the law suit.
I’d love to join a class action suit. Exact same thing happened to our kitchen aid double oven. I used the 3 1/2 hour self cleaning mode today and now, 5 hours later, the oven door will not open. The top three symptoms for GBD307PRS01 are "Won't start", "Element will not heat", and "Little to no heat when baking". It is a scam. He replaced the thermocouple on top and the oven powered up and heated up. Had home built in 2002 with Whirlpool Gold appliances and I always manually cleaned the oven however the other day when doing this a news segment came on the TV and they were talking about the tests they do to check how well self cleaning ovens perform so then I thought why not stop manually cleaning and hit the self cleaning feature and I can work on other “do to” items in the meantime. I used the automatic clean on my Whirlpool built in oven on April 2020 which resulted in a cracked door glass after oven over heated. Purchased whirlpool electric oven November 2009 used self cleaning one time in July 2017 oven has never worked again the motherboard burnt out and part costs $300.00 they have had this problem with many ovens and they refuse to supply the part free of charge. Can’t open it up and everything has shut off. Used self clean for the first time today and now display is dead and bottom oven door is locked. I would like replace this oven so we don’t have to keep putting money into it. The repair man states that the unit is dead. Thought maybe it tripped the circuit breaker, but that wasn’t it. If I push the start button I get a dit daaaa dit dit dit sound. Just ran the clean cycle on mine today, it’s cooled and door is locked and there is no power to it all. I now have a GE oven but am still really upset and will NOT be purchasing any Whirlpool/Kitchenaid product. I can’t open the door. All right reserved. Half way during our self clean process everything shutdown, replaced the fuse on the back Can you tell me if there is a lawsuit on this issue in Canada? We make fixing things easier! It affected both the thermal fuse and high limit thermostat, so we replaced them. I cleaned one oven using the high heat, no problem, but the next day I cleaned the other oven and it burnt up the control board. Learn more about the cookies we use. I used the self cleaning for the wall unit Whirlpool for the required time. Ended up blowing fuse in control panel as well as thermal limit switch on lower oven. v. Whirlpool Corporation, Case No. I hope my guests do not come down with sickness. Where do I sign up. Also, in California would this qualify as a lemon under the lemon law? Very scary. And it's not cheap!! After using self cleaning function on my whirlpool wall oven, my oven locked and screen went black. How do I get added to this lawsuit. IF THEY KNEW THIS WOULD be a problem they should have fixed the problem before selling deffective ovens or put a warning label on it when it was sold. Please advise of more info regarding this lawsuit. After self-clean cycle the door is locked and the screen is blank. I WANT IN ON THE WHIRLPOOL KITCHENAID WALL OVEN SUIT , from brevard county florida. Not happy. very frustrating. We ran the lower self clean again today. Setting up a free account with Top Class Actions will allow you to receive instant updates on ANY article that you ‘Follow’ on our website.