Why motor sailing is good seamanship. It has been often said that rules need to be followed more in the spirit rather than in the letter. Rule of Good Seamanship. Start studying PMK E4 Seamanship. But seamanship is about more than solving problems when things go wrong. Getting the boat ready, getting yourself ready, thinking of all the contingencies before they happen—that’s seamanship! BASIC SEAMANSHIP At this stage in your Navy career, you’re learning thousands of things entirely new to you. Well, you’re wrong! 1) Remove the bagging, take the outside end, and unwind it 2) Remove the bagging, and roll on deck until it is all run out 3) Remove the bagging, take the outside end and pass through the centre, then pull out 4) Leave bagging on, open top, pull out the inner end from the centre … While the purist may want to avoid using the engine, knowing when to fire it up can make all the difference to a … The best seamanship is exhibited by the crew with the fewest stories to tell. : Ability to tie-up a vessel, whether it be 30’ long or 900’ long. All boaters are expected to know how to use all the functional navigational aids on their vessels; professional mariners are held to an even higher standard of seamanship. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. So, Captain: how are your Seamanship skills…do YOU know your 5 L’s? You’re ... and never as a substitute for good seamanship, Yachting Monthly; July 12, 2020. The uniformworn by Navy members, from seaman to admiral, implies that the wearer hasacertain degree of proficiency in the art of seamanship. Seamanship ties every member of the Navy together. Seamanship evolves with technology, and the interpretation of good seamanship changes over time. Thefact that you may later become an ElectronicsTechnician doesn’t change … Seamanship, it states baldly, is “skill in the art of working a ship or boat.” What a cop-out! Pete Goss looks at the times it can pay to switch on the engine, making life easier and allowing for better sailing. seamanship is not important. Competent sailors know how to handle the boat and sails in a wide range of wind and sea conditions, skills that require practice and experience. The best seamanship … It starts long before the voyage. Suggested BASIC laundry list for what makes a good DECK seaman, or what constitutes a standard, or rubric, of Good Deck Seamanship. A good sailor knows more than just the mechanics of sail trim and steering, and good seamanship is more than the ability to perform those tasks. Mark H. “Buz” Buzby recently retired as a Rear Admiral after serving 34 years in the US Navy. Good Seamanship skills make for a safer voyage and a more enjoyable time with Shipmates. 0 shares. Knows the names of mooring lines, and just as important, how they are supposed to work. What is the correct way to open a coil of 3/4" manila rope? The same is true about the sea rules of the road and there is a rule known as Rule 2, which is an overriding rule, often called the “Rule of Good Seamanship”. 0 shares. Safety also plays a vital role in good seamanship.