If you don’t find your favourite film here, the chances are it’s because the movie in question isn’t really about gambling (see both Martin Scorsese’s Casino and Terry Gilliam’s adaptation of Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas). Best GAMBLING movies by sgarciamansilla | created - 10 May 2018 | updated - 22 Sep 2018 | Public Movies of casinos, luck, games, scams, chance and gambling. Vegas Vacation (1997) The Griswolds go on their fourth family vacation in this comedy movie set in Las Vegas. Ace (de Niro) is a Vegas casino operator with mob connection but he lives a seemingly normal and civilized life with his family. With Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth, Kevin Spacey, Aaron Yoo. “21” is a fact-based story about six MIT students who were trained to count cards and eventually took millions of dollars in winnings from Vegas casinos. If you want a crime drama: Casino Because of that, we would like to talk about the most famous Las Vegas casinos used in the movies. Is the movie ‘Casino’ based on a real story? In an old school Las Vegas casino, its top gambling jinx breaks his curse when he falls in love, much to his boss' consternation. The movie Casino remains one of the most successful films in American history. The movie depicts the two faces of gambling in Las Vegas: the cruel and brutal dealings happening behind the scenes, juxtaposed with the glitz, ritz, and glamour that often shown by mainstream media. It's been 25 years since "Casino," which is based on Nicholas Pileggi's novel "Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas," opened in theaters on Nov. 22, 1995. So here it is – RightCasino’s list of the 10 greatest gambling movies ever made! In honor of the film hitting theaters, we've picked five movies about gambling, gaming and Las Vegas that you can absolutely bet on. Las Vegas is a synonym for the gambling world because of the many casinos you can find there. It’s based on Nicholas Pileggi’s book ‘Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas’ and follows the story of Sam “Ace” Rothstein (Robert De Niro), an American Jewish gangster who is sent to Las Vegas to oversee the Tangiers Casino and increase its profits. "21" is the fact-based story about six MIT students who were trained to become experts in card counting and subsequently took Vegas casinos for millions in winnings. Clive Owen is magnetic as the titular casino employee, and the film is largely responsible for his entry into Hollywood in the following years. Counting cards is the name of the game for this drama movie in Vegas. Some of those casinos have been used in the movies and people can visit them in the real world as well. The genre distinction we really need is the Vegas movie, or, at the very least, the gambling movie: a movie about schemers and scammers, a movie about … Film Title Year Released Location(s) Used Ref(s) Heldorado: 1946 [citation needed]Ocean's 11: 1960 Riviera Hotel and Casino, Sands Hotel and Casino, Desert Inn, Sahara Hotel and Casino, Flamingo Las Vegas [citation needed]The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up … Further proving that the best casino culture movies were made in the 1990s, Croupier delivers a British take on what it is like to work in a gambling house. Directed by Robert Luketic.