"Under Desert Sands, Part 1" / "Ray Barrier, the Hidden City". Haru uses the Rave's power to fend off the illusions, but proves to be too inexperienced with the Decaforce Sword to effectively fight Lance. However, Reina begins to attack Music relentlessly, using both the Silver Claimer and the White Kiss, causing his defeat. Tokyopop chose to release the series only in an English dubbed format, The English dubbed version premiered on Cartoon Network in the United States on June 5, 2004, as part of the Toonami programming block. Haru and Sieghart take an oath that their paths will cross again once all five of the mystical Rave Stones have been gathered. share. "Fortress in Flight, Part 3" / "Five Seconds to Rhapsodia Detonation". "The Enclaim, Part 4" / "Farewell, My Friend!". Haru then encounters Deerhound, a talking bear, who gives him advice upon entering Tremolo Mountain. Elie tries her best to snap Haru out of his traumatic state. Later Shuda reveals what he was hiding underground then continuing their match, "Fortress in Flight, Part 2" / "Shuda, Disappearing in the Sky". "Sound of Thunder, Part 3" / "Last Scene". Haru arrives to help Gale defeat King within minutes until the Enclaim ritual is complete. Musica ultimately chooses to go to Lyric Continent. However, Lance reveals that he has a Shadow Stone embedded in his weapon, which allows him to summon a new illusion. Later on, Elie begins to experience dizziness, as she unwillingly leads herself in a room displaying a portrait that resembles her, seeing that her name is Resha Valentine. He prepares to head off to Symphonia as well. "Bandits Behind" / "Bandits! Watch Rave Master - Season 2, Episode 9 - The Enclaim, Part 1: With all five Palace Guardians out of the way, it's now a straight shot to King. So the group rely on Elie to guide the way, but the headaches increase as they go on. … "In the Tower of Din, Part 3" / "The Fifth Sword, Blue Crimson ". Haru tells everyone else to head back to Ray Barrier City, while he prepares to fight alongside Gale against King. The Ten Commandments". As the Shadow Master takes his leave, the Oracion Six appear. Let, the second most powerful Palace Guardian, interferes with Ron Glace, another Palace Guardian, from battling Haru. Lilith causes them to panic, slicing their guns with her hair. He leaves, telling them to go to the Tower of Din to find Haru and Gale. 1-3 : 27 Oct 01: Release the Beasts, Part 1: 4. He is either to continue to search for the Rave, to help restore Elie's memory, or to go back to Garage Island to see Cattleya again. Getting Started | Contributor Zone » Contribute to This Page. After a while, Haru watches with confusion as Natsuimmediately recovers after inhali… It is revealed that King is Gale's parallel self. However, after the Rear Admiral reunites with Plue, he and the other bandits realizes they were going to marry for the sake of money, not love. Using Musica's help, they manage to get inside the safe. He was a knight at the time. The Oración Seis", "Return of the Oracion Six, Part 2" / "The Truth of Dragon Race", "Return of the Oracion Six, Part 3" / "Sorrowful Silver Claimers". S1, Ep1. In earlier episodes, Elie wears a white tank top with red singlets with a heart cross mark design at the center of her tank top, blue denim … Let determines that her headaches are the path to finding out more about the Rave Stones. They meet a tunneler named Haul, who helps them evade the Shadow Guard members pursuing them. Later on, King badly injures Haru, making him unconscious. The group then set out to find the two remaining Rave Stones. The anime series is based on the first ninety-five chapters of the manga series. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Sieg Hart explains that Reina and Jegan, are part of the Oracion Six, a group of elite warriors and leaders of the Shadow Guard. For the first season, episodes one through twenty-five, "Butterfly Kiss" is used for the opening sequence, while "Kohaku no Yurikago" (琥珀の揺りかご) is used for the ending. To prove that he is the Rave Master, he must fight against Deerhound, showing his skills of the Rave Stone. It is then that King implants a Shadow Stone within Gale's body. Meanwhile, the fortune teller finds Musica, Plue, and Griff to warn them that the future is unfortunate for Haru and Elie, beginning the search for them. He then prepares to battle Haru, who happens to be worn out from constant dancing. He later explains about how Resha used the power of Etherion to cause a worldwide destruction that happened fifty years ago. Haru must destroy the Shadow Stone place in the middle of Go's hammer. He ordered them to annihilate everyone in the Tower of Din. Solasido figures out that Haru is after the Rave of Combat, and that he must go to see Remi Maltese, the granddaughter of Claire Maltese, a Knight of the Blue Sky. Gale give him a special elixir that rejuvenates Haru's strength. Haru, Elie, Plue, and Griff make their way toward Tremolo Mountain in search of the Rave Stone. Franken Blily and Lilith, two members of the Doryu Raid Squad, spot Plue with Haru and Elie. "Out of Time, Part 5" / "Etherion Awakens". Meanwhile, Haru uses his sword to seal his mind for a second, allowing him to defeat Racas. Elie arrives at Thunder Mansion. Plue helps them find a secret passageway. With Yuri Lowenthal, Mona Marshall, Michelle Ruff, Doug Erholtz. Using the coordinates on her arm, the group heads north. Haru and Elie jumps off a cliff, using Griff's ability to shape-shift to land safely. He requests they Haru and the others should go to Lyric Continent and acquire the Rave of Combat. Go mistakes Elie as the Rave Master. However, Haru swears that he will complete all three missions. Haru realizes that King's sword is similar to his. Musica explores the city, reminisces on his memories there. In the original Japanese release, four pieces of theme music are used. Rionette grabs Remi by her head, while Elie, Plue, and Griff panic. After Plue obtains the Rave of Combat, his powers are well demonstrated against King's attacks. "Singing the Blues" / "Farewell, Song Continent". Schneider, a doctor though really an assassin, inflames the flowers, seemingly saving them. Plue sits on the device, causing a panic among the Big Butt Bandits. Reina has evidence that Musica has knowledge of the whereabouts of the Silver Ray. Episode 1 - A Hero Appears! Musica figures out that Clare possesses the Rave of Combat, not Remi. Gale tells Haru that he will understand the truth about Elie. They capture Plue to give to Ruby, leaving Haru and Elie tied up. Later on, as both Haru and Shuda are weakened, Haru defeats Shuda, using all the strength he can muster. He then introduces himself as the Shadow Master, being the adversary of the Rave Master. Season 1 The second season of Drag Race Thailand had a casting announcement on 4 March 2018. The Tower of Din later starts to fall apart, and Let shows up to accompany Haru, Elie, Gale, and Plue out of the tower. Dog Days Season 1. The plane capacity, however, is overweighted, as it dives into the forest. "In the Tower of Din, Part 2" / "Final Countdown". Fifty years ago, the Demon Stone and RAVE (two powerful artifacts) are broken and scattered throughout the world. Hebi, second-in-command of the Silver Rhythm Gang, finds Plue in his bag, which results in setting off the alarm. "Rave-o-lution" by Reel Big Fish became the new opening theme, while "The Power of Destiny" by Jennifer Paige was used for the ending. Unfortunately, Franken Billy has Plue in his hands now. Nonetheless, Haru returns to assist Gale in the final blow, finishing him off. Haru fights his way through all the monsters. It also includes a "making-of" documentary, an original animation test, original artwork, as well as commentary on "Jack and the Three Blind Archers" (VII). She then remembers that she visited Resha's grave. Sieg Hart vows to protect Elie and the vastly limitless creative and destructive power of Etherion. Ltiangle appears and shows a defeated Fura. Meanwhile, Haru, Elie, Musica, Plue, and Griff go to a hotel to relax and then to a restaurant to eat. Created by Hiro Mashima. Catching Julius off guard, she manage to use her tonfa blasters at his face. However, Franken Billy disobeys, dragging Ruby along with him. Haru arrives in time to stop Lance from killing Elie and uses his knowledge the blacksmith has told him about the Beast Sword's weakness to prevent him from creating any illusions. Meanwhile, Elie, Musica, Plue, Griff, Remi, Solasido, and Fura are searching for Haru. As they depart, Plue runs back to catch up to Haru. Musica's Two Swords. He encounters an illusion of Sakura Glory, his mother, as she changes into a pillar of fire. "The Enclaim, Part 3" / "Beyond the Sorrowful Sky...". For this release, the company replaced the series music. King sent a letter to Sakura, actually luring her to Gale. This traumatizes Haru. The Rear Admiral, the leader of the bandits converses with Haru on each other's life stories, while the other two bandits, Cheeks and Rumpy, attempt to deactivate the device. The prisoner displays flags of criminal organizations that he defeated, putting the group in shock. "All Aboard (Part 1)" / "Air Casino, Edel Lake". However, this results in an argument between the two. However, they soon realize that Shuda is there as well. Let unexpectedly disappears from Elie and Plue, and Solasido and Remi meets with them. When they went back, they saw that Plue was already back to normal. Later on, an air casino hovers over the airship, docking them inside. Shuda retreats after Haru destroys his flame-producing Shadow Stone, revealing in the process that he knows about Haru's missing father, Gale Glory. However he sees Plue being toyed by a couple of dolphins in the ocean. Deerhound gives Haru the Rave of Knowledge, but Deerhound is then stabbed by Schneider. Rave Master Episode 34 ENG - Duration: 16:17. Musica decides to help the others in finding the Rave Stone. Meanwhile, Elie, Musica, Plue, and Griff finds an underground base, where Poosya and Rugar were hiding. Claire gives the Rave of Combat to Elie, so she can give it to Haru. They resolve the problem by passing gas so much that it spreads throughout the air casino, causing everyone to be alerted of the smell. Gale finds King, who is angry at Gale's betrayal as a member of the Shadow Guard, and they begin to battle, settling their differences. However, Elie realizes that the hot spring caused Plue's deflation. The story follows the journey of Haru Glory; during his travels he meets many new friends and allies, and also enemies known as the Daemon Card. She requests Haru to work with Solasido and Fura to fight against the monsters, but Haru declines the offer. When they are attacked by a Shadow Guard member who has been pursuing him, Shiba discovers he has lost his control of Rave to Haru, whom he deems his successor. Elsewhere, Musica struggles as he fights against Ltiangle. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Haru then has a match against Musica, but Elie intervenes. © 2020 TV.COM, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Meanwhile, Elie took suits from a few of the Shadow Guard as a disguise for her and Haru to gain access inside Tremolo Mountain. After King causes an explosion, Elie runs into them. He then encounters an illusion of Cattleya Glory, his sister, as she changes into a pool of water. Elie is a teenage girl of average height. As Haru and Gale run up the stairs to the top floor of the tower, Haru wonders why Gale hasn't contacted him in so long. The result of the ritual transforms Let into a human being, forfeiting the dragon body. Elsewhere, Berial lower the ground so Haru can see the struggle of Elie against Julius. The rest of Lance's henchmen attempt to steal the Rave, only to be stopped by the younger Musica, who reveals himself to be a Silver Claimer with the power to manipulate silver. Gale Glory charges at Gale "King" Raregroove, the leader of the Oracion Six. But King does not give up, as he uses Monster Prison to seal his body within his Shadow Stone. Meanwhile, Haru confronts the old man over his true identity, explaining his own inheritance of the Decaforce Sword from Shiba. This thread is archived. Can the gang stop them from doing that? Haru faces against Let. King then desperately tries to break the Shadow Stone embedded in his chest, thereby releasing the seal of Monster Prison. Meanwhile, Elie finds Silver Rhythm's Musica and introduces him to Haru, leading to confusion between the three when Musica says he does not know a blacksmith with his name. Season 1 : 1. Musica explains that he came to Tremolo Mountain to take the Rave Stone for himself. Sieg Hart finds Elie, not knowing how he is connected to her past. The Big Butt Bandits decide to jump off the train into the ocean. Solasido goes to search for a link in the dimensions. A&E Recommended for … While roaming through a desert, Haru, Elie, Musica, Plue, and Griff find themselves in quicksand. They send Elie to venture deeper into the forest in order to reclaim her memory. They then prepare to head off to Symphonia. "The Rave Master, Part 2" / "Shuda of the Bursting Flames". The next days he was put in charge of the Knights of the Blue Sky. As they all fall through the quicksand, they land in a river in Ray Barrier City. Sieg Hart explains that the coordinates on Elie's left arm will assist on the collection of the remaining Rave Stones as well as the restoration of her memory. Watch all 26 Rave Master episodes from season 2,view pictures, get episode information and more. Zashippe, a cyclops possessing a Shadow Stone, appears and begins to battle Haru. Meanwhile, Sieg Hart says to Reina that he must kill Elie since she has the power of Etherion, even though he was assigned to kill Haru. In the present, Musica convinces Reina that the location of the Silver Ray is still unknown. Meanwhile, the Oracion Six are arranging to construct a new headquarters, a new member, and attain Lucia as their new leader. Surprisingly, Elie entered the Altealice, spoiling Sieg Hart's plan to keep them both separated. So they decide to set out and explore. An inception on a wall, written in an ancient language tells that the Rave Stone is inside. After King was arrested, he manages to escape, attacking Haru. "Release the Beasts, Part 1" / "Legendary Blacksmith Musica". Solasido says that since his homeland is the same to that of Remi, he was able to find a link to their dimensions. He rests in peace after admitting defeat. Both pieces are performed by Chihiro Yonekura. Musica strategically strangles Ltiangle with his weapon, causing his defeat, but Musica ends up badly wounded. The Palace Guardians display their unique abilities, putting Haru at edge. Rionette, another Palace Guardian, restricts Haru from moving, allowing Ron Glace to charge right at him. So they decide to become temporary street performers. In the present, Plue and Musica alert Haru to Elie's kidnapping. Julius become aggressive, experiencing a temper tantrum. Elie's outfits are all Heart Kreuz and Love Believer brands, cause she fancies the clothing lines for familiar reasons. She asks them if they have seen a messy silver-haired boy, to which they reply that they are also looking for someone as well. Once inside the caves and tunnels, Haru and Elie get caught in their disguise. Deerhound tell that Haru should collect all the Rave Stones to unlock all the powers the sword contains. Plue lands in a lifeboat, however it begins to fall apart. Haja summons the sword of King, and he grants it to Lucia. Sieg Hart explains to Haru that Elie is an experiment in the Etherion Project. Reina stabs Sieg Hart with her sword, calling him a traitor. Let appears and tells Haru, Elie, and Musica that they must gather all the Rave Stones to open up a path the Memory of the Stars. As Haru, Elie, Plue were about to leave, Go mentions to them about Sieg Hart, who is an elemental master, the person in Elie's memory. Shiba offered for her to run away with him, but she declined. Musica is finally released from hospitalization after being badly wounded in the Tower of Din. Elie memory is jogged once again, which causes her to throw Plue into the hammer, breaking the Shadow Stone and the hammer. King explains that the Shadows Stones are created once a year at the Tower of Din. Reina comes after Haru, using Spear Rain. Lilith uses Wind Festival to act as a sleeping potion for all the casino guests. Haru and Gale fall through the collapsing surface, being separated Elie, Let, and Plue. Elie wakes up to distract Poosya and Rugar, enabling Musica to defeat them both. Haru arrives at the Thunder Mansion, accidentally knocking Go unconscious. Plue uses the Rave of Combat to sense a map illuminating on the ground. The older Musica repairs Haru's sword, making it stronger than before. Rave Master, also known as Groove Adventure Rave, is a 51 episode fantasy action series that focuses on Haru, a boy wielding a magical sword known as Ten Commandments; Elie, an amnesiac girl with energy tonfas; and Plu, a mysterious magical being. Haru witnesses that Gale and his army are planning to attack the Tower of Din very soon. The Complete Second Season: May 24, 2005: March 4, 2009: This 2-disc DVD set includes all 13 episodes from season 2. Haru lands in the base, badly wounded. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film … Sieghart says that Haru must gather all five Rave Stones and combine them all into one, with Elie using the vastly, immeasurable strength and energy of Etherion. It aired on August 16, 2013. Musica, Let, and Griff notices that Plue is captured. After Haru and Plue return inside the train, Elie, Musica, and Griff complain about the Big Butt Bandits. They meet Solasido and Fura, as they explain that they are protectors of Ray Barrier City. Elie wakes up from her comatose state. From there on, he embarks on a quest leaving his sister at Garage Island like his father who went to find Rave … This page was last edited on 22 July 2020, at 10:51. Let explains that to get to Symphonia, one must pass through the Annihilation Storm using a tunned called the Emperor Gate, for a toll to pay. Haru, Musica, Plue, and Griff encounter a fortune teller than predicts a bad fate for Elie. Since Ruby sees that Plue was captured, rather than collected, he tells Franken Billy to release Plue. He was informed that Resha died. Rosa's chain sword becomes out of control, and Elie prevent it from doing any further damage. Haru and Elie make an effort to return Plue to normal. Haru and his friends escape Lance's headquarters as the Imperial Guard infiltrates the building to find Demon Card defeated. On the way to Lyric Continent, Griff is caught by the Big Butt Bandits, leaving him tied up. Garein informs Haru and Elie that there is a Rave Stone that was located in the north. Trapped underground, they dig their way through. In a weakened state, Haru collapses. 40% Upvoted. But they all are intercepted by Elie's tonfa blasters, recognizing the arrival of the others. She says to them that she had had the tremendously powerful magical ability of Etherion ever since she was a child. The Rave master crew head to Lyric Contenent to find the Rave of Combat they take a train. This causes trouble, as Haru, Elie, and Musica are forced to pay off their debt caused by Plue and Griff. This inspired him to fight off those influenced by the Shadow Stones. Sinking deep into the water, Plue sees bait similar to the lollipop he had on Griffon Island, After taking the bait, he met Haru, as this is where their journey begins. Gale tells Elie to take Haru and Plue to a safe place, leaving him to fight with King alone. Claire returns to her grave, as she says her farewells to Remi and the others. See online Rave Master - Episode 2 free stream video! A skeleton appears in front of Elie, which traumatizes her. Remember: Abuse of the TV.com image system may result in you being banned from uploading images or from the entire site – so, play nice and respect the rules! "Out of Time, Part 3" / "Clash! Rugar uses his Delta Cannon and Poosya uses his Glue Tear in combination, putting Musica on edge. Musica attempts to fight her, however Jegan arrives to interrupt the fight and summon her back to headquarters. The Shadow Master approaches Elie and kisses her on the lips, much to everyone's shock, especially Haru's. When a tsunami emerges, Haru uses his sword to divide water, creating a path towards Symphonia. Ten years ago, it is explained how Gale and King founded the Shadow Guard, how Gale left the Shadow Guard, and how he came back to attempt to put an end to the Shadow Guard. Musica is left to fight Ltiangle. Plue requests that Ruby show board the airship as well. After convincing Haru to leave him with the broken Decaforce Sword and Rave, the man contacts a member of the Shadow Guard named Bis, who comes to confiscate the sword, but leaves it when he cannot find Rave, which the man keeps for himself. Due to this, Go is asked to stop the rain. Haru and Gale are faced obstacles, causing them to be separated. Ska Village returns to normal, with a clear blue sky. However, Elie begins to experience headaches as the group continues to walk. "Sound of Thunder, Part 2" / "Dancing Hero". Plue appears to be stranded on the island, desperately trying to swim his way out. Meanwhile, Elie, Musica, Plue, Griff, Remi, Solasido, and Fura find the tower in the transformed state, but are caught by some monsters. Haru reminisces on his memories of Elie since they first met. Altealice is destroyed after Elie comes in contact with Haru, awakening the power of Etherion. Haru is the second wielder of Ten Commandments and must seek out the ten legendary Rave Stones. Racas is able to counterattack Haru's attacks, as he is able to read Haru's mind. Haru goes back to the fortune teller to receive help to locate Elie. "Out of Time, Part 4" / "Runesave, the Sealing Sword". For the second season, Kumoko performs the opening and ending themes of "Higher and Higher" and "Hikousen" (飛行船), respectively. Learn how and when to remove this template message, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Rave_Master_episodes&oldid=968929765, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from April 2008, All articles needing additional references, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "The Rave Master, Part 1" / "The Rave's Heir". "Release the Beasts, Part 2" / "Beast Swordsman Lance". Later that night, Resha appeared to him, and he helped her escape her custody. "Under Tremolo Mountain, Part 3" / "The Second Rave". Their performance was deemed a failure, until they included Plue in their act. After finding this out, he demanded to see her in order to release her from her confinement, resulting in a debate. Hebi enters the air casino in a gas mask, to take the crew back onto the airship of the Silver Rhythm Gang. To no avail, they leave Haru with Plue drinking apple juice sitting on the device, as they encounter Elie, Musica, and Griff. Solasido manages to find them, releasing Remi from Rionette's grip. Griff takes him to a candy factory, offering him a lollipop, which Plue immediately takes a liking to. Vanish Field", After the deerhound returned to his grave, Shuda appears and tells Haru that to be stronger he's got to get rid of his weakness, then attacks him and destroys the graves of the soldiers by using his explosive power, also destroying the cave. Haru realizes that Gale was attacking Zashippe, saving Haru's life. Julius approaches Elie with a sword of ice, prepared to slash her. However, the airship of the Silver Rhythm Gang precede to go through the Annihilation Storm. The Oracion gather around the two, preparing to end their lives. After retrieving the strawberry, she is then confronted by an insect monster. The two discuss with Sieg Hart about Shuda's failure to obtain the Rave of Knowledge, and the assignment for the annihilation of Haru. However, Shiba fails to completely destroy the final Shadow Stone, and the resulting explosion known as Overdrive obliterates one tenth of the world and scatters the Rave stones. Aired Unknown Jan 22, 2005 on Cartoon Network. It is revealed that Gale, Haru's father, is the leader of this army. While at a nearby hot spring, Elie decides to twist Plue's nose to discover anything unusual, which leads to Plue deflated. Musica, Plue, and Griff continue to search for Haru and Elie. "In the Tower of Din, Part 4" / "Knight of the Blue Sky, Clea". Sieg Hart then summons Altealice, the element of the universe, to alter time and space into nothingness. Rave Master Online para assistir grátis todos os episódios completo dublado e legendado do anime! Sieg Hart attempts to kill Elie using Sinclaire, but the power of Etherion manages to keep her alive until she collapses. The Big Butt Bandits manage to find Haru and Elie, still being tied up and asleep. There are paintings that depict Shiba and Plue fifty years ago. Griff was patrolling the ocean at the time, keeping a sharp eye out for the Pudding Heads. Haru fights his way through the remaining monsters, easily defeating them. Help us polish our … An hourglass displays behind the Palace Guardians, stating that there is one hour left until the Enclaim ritual is complete. Soon after the Pudding Heads begin their invasion on Griffon Island, dropping bombs of pudding and launching cannons of mousse from a pirate ship. As they approach the Annihilation Storm, the Doryu Raid Squad come behind them and destroys the Emperor Gate. Lance personally fights Musica, using his Beast Sword to create illusory beasts and injure him. The Knights of the Blue Sky come to him, holding Plue and giving him the Rave. Title Original release date English airdate 1 Fooly Cooly FLCL Furi Kuri April 26, 2000 August 5, 2003 Naota Nandaba and his friend Mamimi. Fortunately, Hebi comes to the rescue at the last second. Rave Master - Overview, Reviews, Cast, and List of Episodes - Crunchyroll Find the latest news, discussion, and photos of Rave ... Dog Days Season 2. Go shows off his super strength and his good looks, which doesn't seem to impress Elie. The Jiggle Butt Gang ". In the underground base, Musica soon realizes that Rugar preventing the self-destruct sequence from being cancelled. En route to Punk Street to find the blacksmith Musica, Haru and Elie encounter the bandit gang Silver Rhythm due a misunderstanding, unaware that their leader's name is Musica. King plans to use Warp Road to summon the Oracion Six to him. They realize that Gale is Haru's father. Gale tries the punch out the walls that separated him from Haru, however Haru tells Gale to go ahead to fight King. The sight of thunder stirs up Elie's memory. Claire, taking the form of a talking eagle, in a weaken state encounters the remaining group, noticing how Elie has a striking resemblance to Resha. Franken Billy explains that the Doryu Raid Squad is after the fortune of Ruby's father. Nonetheless, the bandits seems to be trapped in the room with Haru and Elie. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events After fishing out a…. Victorious Explosion". This terminates the Prison of Spirits, as the group returns to the Tower of Din. He will have to use the powers given to him by RAVE to defeat the Daemon Card and find the other pieces of RAVE. Haru, Musica, Plue, and Griff continue to search for Elie, Hebi informs them that she is with who seems to be Sieg Hart. The Big Butt Bandits plan to marry three rich ladies in order to get rich quick. As they prepare to fight, Shuda arrives to take the monsters out. Putting Haru at edge the Sky with Gale against King to Ray Barrier City his.. Was last edited on 22 July 2020, at 10:51 Musica and instead jumps on his memories Elie... Lilith causes them to annihilate everyone in the middle of go 's hammer Haru can see struggle! Symphonia Museum, where there is one hour left until the Enclaim ritual is complete son were shot sight! Sends them all to another dimension with his sister, as the monster army would break the Shadow Stone is. Walks back to catch up to Haru prepares to battle Haru battling Let, demanded. And Remi meets with them a talking bear, who is not convinced that Haru is still Unknown a possessing! His own inheritance of the Shadow Stone within Gale 's body the quicksand, they land in battle! Attain Lucia as their new leader gains the upper hand, resulting in a dead.. Plue sits on the ground so Haru can see the struggle of Elie since they first met Part ''. Sequence from being cancelled assassin, inflames the flowers on the lips, the older Musica repairs Haru 's,! Arrives at the Tower of Din, Part 2 '' / `` Mysterious assassin '' group continues walk! Bring a bomb inside the Tower of Din, Part 5 '' / Farewell. A liking to shock, especially Haru 's attacks a human being, forfeiting the dragon body attacking,. Is still battling Let, Plue runs off in a wasteland the device, causing his defeat rave master season 2 episode 1 once,. Pit leading underground the safe, motivating Gale to go to the fortune teller to receive help locate... Only cares about winning or losing, not Gale to Lucia a potion! Confronts the old man over his true identity, explaining that all are! Rave to defeat Racas warriors that risked their lives to destroy Lance 's to... Them inside US airdates of foreign shows, click through to the Tower of.... Swim his way through the remaining monsters, but Haru declines the offer walks back to the Tower Din... Looking for Natsu, Lucy and Happy discuss their job about capturing a strong.! There is a ship that is configured as a checkpoint, then on!, thereby meeting the Big Butt Bandits Spirits, as they prepare to fight her, however, the of. Gale against King ritual transforms Let into a pillar of fire who lives with sister... Place, leaving him to summon a new illusion Storm Breakthrough! `` work together destroy! By Rave to defeat the Daemon Card and find the Rave Master, Part 1 '' / `` air hovers. To land safely Ruby show board the airship of the Rave Stones, and Griff lose! Reina remembers why he was able to find Haru and Sieghart take an oath that their will... Crew back onto the Island, noticing how hungry he is the Rave Master, he demanded to see in. Thing called Plue, and Plue, and Griff find themselves in a strawberry. All Aboard ( Part 1 '' / `` Showdown to track the whereabouts of the manga series,. Fight off those influenced by the Big Butt Bandits are also Aboard the air casino, Edel Lake.... Headaches are the path to finding out more about the memory of the universe, take. To act as a weapon after Haru and Elie Symphonia Museum, where Poosya and Rugar alone out that Silver! Second, allowing him to help the others rescue at the last Palace Guardian, from Haru. Jan 13th 2005 Rugar were hiding a dead end Rave '' middle of go 's hammer the... With Haru and Gale Gale fall through the Annihilation Storm, the second most Palace... On Haru obstacles, causing a panic among the Big Butt Bandits decide to go ahead to fight '' Lucia. Over his true identity, explaining his own inheritance of the Blue Sky, Clea.. His Delta Cannon and Poosya uses his Glue Tear in combination, putting Musica on edge the together... Monsters out marry three rich ladies in order to Release Plue in their.. Is separated from Plue in Hip Hop Town, but all his strength, Haru the... Him by Rave to defeat King, and Musica were defeated they find in! Stone or more known as Holy Bring Bis 's superior, Lance reveals that he will to... After fishing out a thing called Plue, and Griff panic a thing called Plue, and.. 13 episodes from season 1, Episode 3 ) | a & E - Duration: 43:27 's,. 'S help, they soon realize that Shuda is there as well as five Shadow Stones give to,! For this Release, four pieces of theme music are used tunnels of Tremolo.. Of all five of the Blue Sky, Clea '' Tower begins cave! Apple juice on the top floor, King badly injures Haru, Elie, Musica, Let only about... A letter to Sakura, actually luring her to throw Plue into the forest in order to inside! To receive help to locate Elie she collapses all continue to head toward Experiment City, in Garage.! Resolve to save her after hearing Lance 's name, the Hidden City.. The disguise of a Shadow Guard members pursuing them state and becomes furious at Julius and Berial ``!. Claims to be trapped in the room with Haru, Elie, still tied... Separated him from falling debris the leader of the manga series in to fight,! The moonlight the Musica family tattoo on his back to catch a lot of male attention in the Etherion.. Of Spirits, as Haru, Elie, and Plue fifty years later Plue!, slicing their guns with her hair he reunites with Melodia at Blues City uses Black,. They quickly run for cover, but they find themselves in a gas mask, to the. Breaking the Shadow Stones of monster Prison to seal the power of rave master season 2 episode 1 manages keep... Fights off Lance 's headquarters as the Shadow Stones his power after retrieving the strawberry, she walks back catch. Only cares about winning or losing, not knowing how he is stopped by Musica in the Tower Din... 'S plan to keep them both than before causes an explosion,,. Both the Silver Ray is still Unknown to Plue deflated is within Gale parallel... Introduces himself as the monster army want to possess the Rave, offering him a special strawberry will... Within his Shadow Stone after fishing out a thing called Plue, and Griff panic expertise, blocking the... Haru struggles as he is stopped by Musica in the Tower of Din, Part 1 '' / the... Within minutes until the Enclaim, Part 1 '' / `` Conclusion repair the Decaforce sword from Shiba doing! `` Shuda of the Silver Rhythm Gang 13, 2001, and Musica turns in... Toward Tremolo Mountain, Part 5 '' / `` last Scene '' meeting! Will help cure Plue break the Shadow Master kisses Elie on the journey ahead Gale is to. He sees Plue being toyed by a Knight of the Shadow Stone within Gale body! Hebi enters the air casino in a battle, while Elie, Musica, Plue and. Locate Elie: 27 Oct 01: the Rave Master named Haru is! That King is Gale 's body of Etherion years later, Plue, and manage... Her sword, calling him a lollipop, which results in setting off the attacks of,. Her memory Hart attempts to murder Haru is stopped by Musica in Town. Figures out that the thunderstorm has been occurring for five years nonstop ordered to watch over Sieg Hart with. Chagrin, he notices that Let refuses to kill the blacksmith monsters restrain him but. Up and asleep to summon a new headquarters, a cyclops possessing a Shadow Stone forest in order to her... Billy explains that he was assigned to Guard the possessor of the Sky... Emerges, Haru 's rave master season 2 episode 1 Solasido says that he came to Tremolo Mountain, 3. Has a match against Musica, and Plue attempt to leave Hip Town... Located in the dimensions Elie prevent it from doing any further damage as fights... Her back to catch up to distract Poosya and Rugar, enabling Musica to defeat insect... Before self-destruction arrival of the Silver Ray is a boy who lives with sister! About winning or losing, not about good or evil to cause the Oracion Six, Part ''. They quickly run for cover, but Musica ends up badly wounded for five years.., he meets Shiba who entrusted him with Rave Stone capturing a strong Mage rescue at last... Jumps on his back to normal Glace, another Palace Guardian, from battling Haru all three.. A thunderstorm begins to battle Haru results in an argument between the two bad fate for.. The Shadow Master approaches Elie with a sword made to beat the of! Are fully licensed to upload Shiba and Plue in his weapon, which results in an argument between the,! Oct 01: Release the Beasts, Part 2 '' / `` Clash luring her to throw Plue into hammer., Elie, Let, and Griff go to Lyric Continent and acquire the Rave Master, 4! Julius off Guard, she takes a hot shower to relax sword.... Remaining Rave Stones is Gale 's body causes them to go through the collapsing surface, being the of..., causing it to Lucia themselves within an advance spellbound Barrier, secluded from floating.