Along the way you will also find information signs for the North Sea Cycle Route. This is a very small section of the LF1 cycle route which runs all the way up the west coast of the Netherlands. All cycle routes; Eurovelo routes; LF-Cycle routes; Themed routes; XL cycle routes (>700km) Belgium. Download here the full GPS tracks of EuroVelo 12 - North Sea Cycle Route in the Netherlands and start planning your next cycling holidays! Information and accommodation. The Zeeland islands and many pleasant seaside resorts are typical of the route between Sluis and Den Helder, while the section between Callantsoog and Nieuweschans is marked primarily by the wide, peaceful landscapes. ... Total length of route: 649 km | 403 miles . Whether you are on a Dutch shopper or on a racing bicycle with all the gears, this is truly one of the very best cycle … The North Sea Cycle Route south of Zandvoort doesn’t give you a view of the sea; instead you’re riding between the sand dunes. Measuring over 6,000 kilometres in length, the North Sea Cycle Route is the world's longest signposted cycle path. Heather cycling on the LF1 North Sea Cycle Route. The historical terp villages and the beautiful Wadden Island of Wieringen add to the beauty of this region. The signs show the route number, the route name and a directional arrow. In Brussels, you will pass the capital’s … All cycle routes; ... LF1 Noordzeeroute . Villages along the route Cycle route in Europe: North Sea Cycle Route FR-BE-NL LF1 from Boulogne-sur-Mer, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, FR to Den Helder, North Holland, NL; total riding distance is 570 km; GPX file (with 15 track points per km) for download; guide book to print with i.a. For a few kilometres I rode in the slipstream of a friendly Belgian couple who were travelling light on a pair of road bikes. Flanders has also a circular Long Bike (LF) Route (800 km) which loops through the 5 provinces of Flanders and leads you from the coast to Bruges, Ghent, the Scheldt River basin in Antwerp, Lier, the Kempen area, Haspengouw and the border towns with The Netherlands in Limburg, returning via Tongeren, Leuven and the Green … We have many blog posts explaining more about school travel by bike. and info would be much appreciated. The junction routes represent shorter tours but are also excellent extra detours on your longer National Long Distance route. Cycling in the Netherlands ★ There may be hardly any other region where cycling enthusiasts feel as comfortable as in the Netherlands. Cycling Guide Flanders Cycle Route. Plotted with the route planner. In the Netherlands the North Sea Cycle Route combines two national routes: the Waddenzee Route (LF10) in the north and the Nordzee Route (LF1) in the southwest. LF1.01 Noordzeeroute - Distance: 33.44 km - Elevation: 29 hm - Location: Den Helder, North Holland, Netherlands LF1 Noordzeeroute Road Cycling route in Sluis , Gemeente Sluis , Provincie Zeeland , Netherlands Leave a Review The Dutch Coastal Route is a long-distance route that combines the national cycle routes LF1 from Sluis (Zeeland) to Den Helder (Noord-Holland) and LF 10 from Callantsoog (Noord-Holland) to Nieuweschans (Groningen). A junction route sign is often posted beneath the National Long Distance cycle route signs. The path, a sort of paved cycling highway, cut through a nature reserve across gently undulating dunes, a terrain that would otherwise have been inaccessible on two wheels. In the Netherlands the North Sea Cycle Route combines two national routes: the Waddenzee Route (LF10) in the north and the Nordzee Route (LF1) in the southwest. The Dutch coastal route is not a tour, which means it has a different starting point and end point. It includes some sections through protected areas with impressive sand dunes where no motorised traffic is allowed. The Dutch Coastal Route offers 610 km of pure enjoyment cycling past beautiful beaches and dunes, the Wadden Islands and seaside resorts. The North Sea Cycle Route. … Visit the Netherlands from home (COVID-19), 610 kilometres of cycling routes along the beautiful Dutch coast, Part of the international North Sea Route, Cycle across the Wadden Islands and through unique ‘terp villages’, Starting point and end point: Sluis (Zeeland) – Nieuweschans (Groningen), Cycle the LF routes: LF1 North Sea Route (Sluis to Den Helder), LF10 Wadden Sea Route (Callantsoog to Nieuweschans). The national long-distance cycle network (LF routes) is a series of routes intended for cycling holidays. Harwich - Hook of Holland Ferry - Cycle to LF1 Dambuster Motorcycle Tours. is the official website for the Netherlands as a tourist destination. Starting off in the Netherlands, it runs along the North Sea coast in Lower Saxony, with the spectacular Wadden Sea and the distinctive … Stage planning - add target locations. Sandy beaches, windswept dunes, Delta Works - the LF Coastal Route takes you all along the coast of the North Sea and Wadden Sea - from the Belgian to the German border. Landelijk Fietsplatform is responsible for the network of Langeafstand Fietsroutes (National Bicycle Routes). As its name suggests, the Dutch Coastal Route tracks the Dutch seaside. Add accommodation, sights or infrastructure. The LF routes are signposted in both directions. Route map for 'LF1 - Middelkerke' - a 69.90km cycle route near Vleteren, BE. Dutch Coastal Route. On this route you will follow the LF1 and LF10 signs. Your official guide for visiting the Netherlands. You'll be sure to leave with renewed energy for exploring the country's cycle routes. Easy access to the beach, the traffic-free bike paths running through the sand dunes and the many little towns along … It is the Dutch section of the North Sea Cycle Route (EuroVelo 12). The Noordzeeroute appears on road signs as LF1a or LF1b depending on which direction one goes. There are 5 EuroVelo routes which cross this wonderful country: routes 3, 4, 5, 12 and 19, adding up to a total of 1140km. This is because the LF1 and LF10 routes together represent the Dutch part of the international North Sea Cycle Route. Almost one-sixth of the route (921 kilometres) hugs the German coastline. Information and accommodation. The 93 km long Coastal Route is the first new icon cycling route to be launched in Flanders. Plus connue aux Pays-Bas sous le nom de code de “LF1 Noordzeeroute”, la véloroute de la Mer du Nord, c’est l’itinéraire cyclable le plus populaire du pays.Elle fait partie de l’extraordinaire Véloroute de la Mer du Nord Eurovelo 12 qui relie la Norvège à l’Ecosse, et qui traverse les Pays-Bas sur presque 600 km.. Comme il se doit dans … The website is managed by the Netherlands Bureau for Tourism and Congresses. Read more about the organization and get to know the editors. Actions. Together they form a network that takes you all across Holland. Further to the south the route crosses a series of islands that have been connected to each other by dams in the second part of the 20th century. Cycling in Holland, along the LF1 route .? Then I came across a young French couple riding touring bikes heavily-loaded with camping gear. National EuroVelo Coordination Centre Start: Sint Anna ter Muiden (NL) End: Oost-Cappel (FR) Total length of route: 147 km | 91 miles . LF routes are national cycle routes (together approximately 3,900 kilometres; year 2020) and perfect for multi-day cycle trips. This route is some 6,000 km long and runs through eight countries along the North Sea: Belgium, England, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and, last but not least, Holland. Hi, me and my girlfriend are thinking about cycling from the hook of Holland to Amsterdam along the LF1 cycle route. The 600 km LF1 Noordzeeroute is one of about 25 signposted long-distance cycle routes in The Netherlands and Belgium. Information about all LF-routes can be found on the website Has anyone out there done this, and could anyone offer any tips, places to stay, and is this ride a nice one to do??? The northern part of EuroVelo 12 displays panoramic polders, large farms with flocks of sheep and charming villages. Furthermore the National Long Distance cycle routes are often dotted with great places to spend the night. LF-Routes (Landelijke Fietsroutes, Dutch for countrywide cycling … Which direction to go? All cycle routes; Eurovelo routes; LF-Cycle routes; Themed routes; XL cycle routes (>700km) Belgium. Cycle across the Wadden Islands and through unique ‘terp villages’ The Dutch Coastal Route is a long-distance route that combines the national cycle routes LF1 from Sluis (Zeeland) to Den Helder (Noord-Holland) and LF 10 from Callantsoog (Noord-Holland) to Nieuweschans (Groningen). The route flirts with the coast and leads you through a network of vast … Please note that from 1 April 2019 to 1 April 2022 the Afsluitdijk will be closed for cyclists. Virtually all children arrive at school by bicycle in the … Current position. The routes are given a strong theme, the signposting will be updated and an app and special LF website will be created for additional up-to-date information.The signs of the LF1 and LF10 are replaced by LF Kustroute signs. They are indicated by LF followed by a route number, and also have a descriptive name. In short, it’s an endless journey of discovery on a bicycle along the coast. LF routes are marked by LF route signs. The Flemish part of the LF 1 has a length of 150 km and runs from the French-Belgian border in Oost-Cappel to the Belgian-Dutch border in Sluis. The LF Kustroute is one of the first new LF icon routes on which we will focus in the coming years. These long-distance routes are signposted in two directions with rectangular white signs with green lettering. The LF1 route is part of the North Sea Cycle Route and I certainly wasn't the only cyclist following it on that Thursday. LF1.13 Noordzeeroute - Distance: 34.10 km - Elevation: 265 hm - Location: Licques, Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie, France This is just one of many Landelijke Fietsroutes. In Wallonia, routes 3, 5 and 19 follow the RAVeL networks for the most part. ... Cycling off the ferry in Holland and picking up the signs for the Long Distance Cycle Route (North Sea Route) LF1b. Typically, on the North Sea Cycle Route you do not follow your own trip routing, but rather a waymarked or signposted route, the LF1, the "Route de la Mer du Nord" in French or "Nordzee Fiets Route" in Flemish, that has been laid out by local organizations, working with regional authorities to create a seamless whole. Link this route. It will replace both the nearly 20-year-old ‘Coastal Cycling Route’ in West Flanders and the former LF1 North Sea Cycling Route … Flanders Cycle Route. By loading the photos, you accept that uses cookies to share data with third parties as described in our privacy statement ( It combines two long-distance bike paths, the LF1 (the Dutch section of the North Sea Cycle Route) and the LF10. I have found websites and online maps with the route roughly marked out, as it is obviously a popular route. Current position. There are footpaths along the route if you want to hike up a dune for a view of the sea, but late afternoon was upon us so we didn’t … Bicycles at a school in Kloosterveen, Assen. Begin by cycling south to Haarlem (route LF1), before heading west to Amsterdam (on route LF20) and then up to Alkmaar via the Markermeer (routes LF21 and LF15). Download GPX file of route. However you can reach any destination via good cycle paths, using this network. Planning on cycling from Dunkerque to Amsterdam in a couple of weeks, mostly utilising the North Sea Cycle Route/ LF1. An attractive cycle path I find the LF1 Noordzee-route / Dutch Coastal Route (Part of the international track which is connecting Boulogne-sur-Mer in France, with Germany). However, I'm finding it difficult to find resources, online or otherwise, which allow a detailed route to be planned. Altogether there are over 30,000 km of cycle paths, which are well signposted throughout the country. National cycle routes (LF routes) are continuous cycle routes connecting towns and regions in the most attractive manner possible; the routes avoid busy roads and mostly use dedicated cycle … In 1989 the North Sea Route was the first Dutch national cycle route - then called long distance cycle routes - to be signposted in both directions. 44 cyclist-friendly accommodation All cycle routes; ... LF1 Noordzeeroute Vlaanderen . View, print and download the cycle route 'Lf1 route' from 45735 (42.6 km). They are also marked on the online cycle route planner and every decent cycle map. A 2-day cycling route which takes you past old fishing ports, sand dunes, through Amsterdam and more, this loop is approximately 75 miles long. Villages along the route The 6000 km long North Sea Cycle Route is nowhere more splendid than on its traffic-free track across the extensive Dutch sand dune systems between The Hague and Zandvoort. No. On this 40 km (25 miles) stretch, cycling truly comes “home”. The northern part of EuroVelo 12 displays panoramic polders, large farms with flocks of sheep and charming villages. The following day we avoided the traffic again and pedalled further up the coast on the North Sea Cycle Route, LF1. of cycle route LF6/LF1/LF5/LF.