Yost notes that it is important to eat soy in moderation to limit the estrogenic effects. If you have high testosterone levels + high levels of insulin then insulin is certainly contributing to your hormone imbalance. Alcohol. If you prefer a hot drink, try green or black tea, since this will help to slow or stop the conversion of testosterone into DHT. The graph below shows what can be considered normal levels divided by age. How to Increase Testosterone and Decrease Estrogen. . . We recommend making common sense decisions that promote better overall physical well-being. Generally, this hair loss begins at the vertex of the scalp and continues to the temples, much like the pattern seen in males. Peppermint and spearmint may make a calming tea, but the menthol in mint may reduce testosterone levels. Other herbs known to reduce testosterone levels include black cohosh (20 to 40 mg twice daily), saw palmetto (160 mg twice daily) and chaste tree (20 to 40 mg daily). Take lima beans for example. They’re filled with a phytoestrogenic fiber called inositol, which lowered testosterone levels in this study. They’re also filled with phytoestrogenic lingans, which reduced serum testosterone levels and inhibited dihydrotestosterone in this study. The adrenal glands also produce small amounts. Certain internal and external indicators that a woman may be dealing with excessive testosterone production are:Â, You need to note that anyone of these symptoms may not be adequate grounds for suspecting excess testosterone in a woman but taken together, they do give cause for further investigation by a qualified doctor. Â. Fortunately, the current state of medical science is able to quickly diagnose women with high testosterone issues. Balancing hormones can be frustrating but I have got some tips for you to lower your testosterone levels! . The doctor will look at symptoms like facial hair growth, acne, hair thinning, elongation of the clitoris, and other physical signs that accompany the condition.  Symptoms such as a deepening voice and menstrual cycle particulars may also be considered physical and will fall into the scope of the examination. These types of herbs are not recommended for long term use, because they have been known to hinder the body's natural hormone production abilities. High Testosterone Could Be Low T. How to Decrease Testosterone in Females — Lifestyle Choices. Symptoms of virilization include enlargement of the clitoris, lowering of the voice and breast atrophy. Excellent sources from omega-3 come specially from salmon, sardines, nuts, seeds and vegetable oils. Together with estrogen, testosterone determines the development of female sexual development.Â, In the female body, secretions of testosterone are usually in small doses and are highly controlledÂ, Testosterone aids in the building of bone mass, even the development of reproductive tissue, and even normal behavioral patterns. Sufferers of CAH cannot produce a vital enzyme that helps in controlling hormones. While professional medical help should be sought in any accurate diagnosis and treatment of exceptional female testosterone levels, it is possible to reach a more immediate and preliminary conclusion through observation of signs and symptoms that accompany this condition. The following foods and beverages can decrease an elevated testosterone level: 1. Certain nuts like almonds contain SHBG, a protein that binds testosterone.Â. Acne, excess body hair and mood disorders are just some of the problems associated with too much of these male hormones. Flaxseed contains lignans, compounds present in plants that literally force out testosterone from the body. Prescription medications such as oral contraceptives may also counteract excess hair growth. From cottonseed oil to canola and corn, vegetable oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids which are dietary fatty acids and discourage the rise of testosterone. Phytoestrogens contained in Soy act just like estrogen to reduce testosterone. Higher levels of insulin stimulate the ovaries to produce more male hormones. This, in turn, lowers testosterone levels. Studies have shown that the relationship between dietary nutrients and testosterone was significantly lower in vegetarians than in omnivores. reducing production of androgen in the adrenal glands or the ovaries, to reduce the level of free testosterone in the body. Investigators found that boosting testosterone levels was associated with increased sexual desire in women who complained of menopause-related low libido and reduced sexual arousal. They also contain omega 3 fatty acids that reduce testosterone. Traditionally, testosterone was regarded as “the male hormone”, largely responsible for the normal development of external as well as internal reproductive or sex organs in males. Depression, anxiety and a decrease in libido resulting in a loss of sexual interest will be areas of your psychological state, as well as sexual health that your doctor will be concerned about. According to Dr. Neal Barnard in his book, “Foods That Fight Pain: Revolutionary New Strategies for Maximum Pain Relief,” eating rice can help reduce your testosterone levels. Several treatments are used to reduce testosterone. Left untreated, high levels of androgens, regardless of whether a woman has PCOS or not, are associated with serious health consequences, such as insulin resistance and diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease. 2. Cushing’s disease is a problem with the pituitary gland that leads to excess amounts of corticosteroids. One of the easiest ways to see an improvement in hormone fluctuations is to reduce your intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates. In fact, the guideline for determining normal testosterone levels in women by age varies from one laboratory to another. But the goal should be treating the underlying cause, to bring about a balance in your reproductive system. Sufferers commonly exhibit male-like hair growth in the chest, back areas, as well as facially.Â. This is basically a diuretic and acts by reducing both water and salt levels in the body. High levels of testosterone increase sebum production, a viscous substance that can clog the pores. If you have hair growing in places where men’s hair usually grows, like on the face, chest, or back, it could be a sign that you need to decrease testosterone levels. The patient also reported a decrease in hirsutism at the completion of the study period. According to researchers from the University of Maryland, high testosterone levels are to blame for around half of cases of hirsutism. Women with high testosterone levels can only know this for sure through a blood test administered by qualified medical personnel. Tumors of the ovaries and PCOS can both cause too much androgen production.