And please, people, there’s 7 or so miles of beautiful access on each side. 320), forecast in December.. Large coefficients indicate important high and low tides; major currents and movements usually take place on the sea bed. I was surprised to hear of false albacore being caught as late as Saturday off Falmouth. 1 in 2020. There are three primary techniques used by fishermen on Cape Cod Canal stripers: Jigging involves probing the bottom of the canal with bucktails or leadheads and soft-plastic baits. Etiquette. Chin up eat it and show them how you fish . Does it get better, worse or does it become unfishable? Tell us. We do have a boat booked for some bottom fishing, pollack, haddock, hopefully cod. More appropriate in these times. Best Cape Cod Canal Fishing Spots in 2020. Smaller Header . A little communication and courtesy goes a long way, I’d be careful of whos line you’re cutting in the future…. And it’s only getting worse. So what if you don’t like the way some other person fishes Down by the Maritime Academy offers good fishing opportunities for multiple species and offers relatively safe footing for your young angler. I gave up fishing for a decade after a injury. Pretend you are trying to untangle the line. Sign up for our FREE Fishing Reports Today! Honey holes spots would bbc e awesome. It’s a shame that On The Water just blows off fly fishing altogether on this one. 1458 0750. I’ve spent the past four years learning how to fish plum island and hotspots around the Merrimack river. 2348 0500. We don’t need your support. So I am a native of NYC. 2004 0300. What a prick. Yeah thanks. Doherty, an expert Cape Cod Canal shore angler and author, was the guest speaker at a RI Saltwater Anglers Association online seminar Tuesday night. We caught stripers every time we fished the canal. PM AM. Currently he is the host and producer of the podcasts here on My Fishing Cape Cod. Fishermen target areas with drop-offs or structure where stripers lie in ambush. Do I have to pay for parking there? So enlighten us! In the words of that wise man: “Can’t we all just get along”? My son was lucky enough to be at the Canal the day that everyone–and I mean EVERYONE–were pulling out stripers. Thats how we learned to fish the canal. It’s a blast I don’t care if it takes me 3.5 hours to get to where I fish. Lots of “fishing etiquette” or “respect the locals” quickly followed by some qualifier about being or not being assholes. It has also become the biggest SH*T show this side of the Mississippi. After getting a fishing ? I want to take my son fishing for scup and/or fluke. It’s been my experience that there are always 10 % who will make your good experience unpleasant. I’ve lived in Bourne my entire life. I have found the the guys on the canal to be great at Sagamore areas. and I will likely be staying somewhere north of the canal, closer to Boston. Located on LI and thinking about making a trip middle to latter part of May. That’d explain why the mental health services on the Cape get real busy every October – May, I suppose. According to Evan at Eastman’s, over the weekend, a fishermen out tog fishing came across a school of bunker, snagged a few, and live-lined them for a few too-big-to-keep stripers, proving that it’s not just little bass hanging around the Cape right now. Spoken like a helpless little rabbit. Appreciate some advice before I take the drive, spend the time, and bleed out the money. Extend an arm out and you’ll pat someone on the back. CHARLEY SOARES-Cape Cod and the Islands. Heck, Ive shared some honey holes with a Cambodian Uber driver who is just learning where to fish. Trickle, trickle, trickle. Thanks Mark! Bell rd tidal flats four hours before low tide. I am from ny on east border of PA. Trout fishing is automatic, both with bait and artificials. An 11-foot rod and a spinning reel with a long-cast spool is the norm among Canal anglers. All those locals, finally getting rid of the tourists and working their steady jobs in peace…must just drive them crazy. Visit … Can someone point me to a location that’s fairly safe for my son? Thanks. This is basic information any dimiwt can figure out in a matter of minutes. • Learn how to make a loaded Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper Reaching bottom in the heavy currents requires the use of jigs as heavy as 5 ounces. In fact recreational cod fishing north of Cape Cod is not allowed in MA except for one week in September. In Massachusetts there is a record high haddock population and a record low population of Atlantic cod. Canal rats think they’re fishing gods because they know how to cast a plug into blitzing fish. The Thanks! There’s plenty of schoolies swimming around the Cape. No matter where your fishing, you don’t cast Over another man’s line. If the canal is hot in August it seems like your beaches would have staging fish? Totally agree. Sign up for our FREE Fishing Reports Today! I’m gladly sharing this knowledge with folks in the bait shops or the parking lots and even some of my favorite drinking holes. I rented a place In Sandwich thinking it would be quiet and decent fishing. Ed Doherty has been a major contributor to my fishing column for a few years now, keeping us all informed on what is happening at the Canal. Seams usually reveal themselves at the lower stages of the tide. There is so much good Striper water on cape cod, while people are fist fighting in the canal I’ll have a whole beach somewhere to myself catching fish after fish in the fly. After doing all the work, why should I tell you where it is? What I don’t know is how these pending offshore storms might affect fishing in the canal. PM AM. I’ll be up tomorrow early. It’s douchebags like you that think you’re jesus christ because you know how to cast a plug into blitzing fish that turned the canal into the hostile environment it is. The following graph shows the progression of the tidal coefficient in the month of December of 2020.These values give us a rough idea of the tidal amplitude in Bourne (Cape Cod Canal, sta. Easy access and great fishing has made the Canal one of the most popular surfcasting destinations on the East Coast, rivaling even Montauk Point. Lets get back to having fun! I am hoping to get back to the canal soon during a breaking tide with a friend, I will definitely pass on the knowledge. There wearnt any Stripers around when I was kid and if we keep killing breeders like they are mosquitos we won’t have any left soon. I’d rather have diarrhea than fish that shit hole. Judging from the comment below, maybe Walmart would be a good place? Now it seems we won’t be welcome? I am from ny and want to spend a few days there fishing. Spoons, jigs and stickbaits are all catching rainbows and some impressive holdover browns. Im looking to make the trip to the canal. Check Price on This is very popular at sunrise, when stripers and baitfish are often visible on the surface. But a lot of u hit the ditch with no etiquette..not knowing how to get in the lineup..crossing lines .not keeping at least a rod length distance..leaving bait boxes line..general trash all over..and let’s not forget the googans that load their coolers with black bass way past their limit and head out..ive seen shorts taken even after us assholes say put it back..we love our fishery..respect it or don’t come..were the ones who fish it..keep it clean..and live the real guys coming please do ur thing meet some locals were easy to spot.for the rest of u get it together take ur limit pick up ur trash stop crowding out the lineup show some respect and we will to. My gear was right where he was standing. Some of you will know who I am, All I have to say is if you are one of those guys ( Yes) one of those guys who is willing to cut someones line or talk crap to somebody because you think you own the Canal ir a (spot) you better rethink again because Its so bad now there are people there just WAITING to get revenge from the previous year. Have you invested any time to find your own spots? Fishermen must be prepared to throw large plugs and heavy jigs to tempt the large stripers riding these currents in pursuit of the huge schools of baitfish that use the Canal as a shortcut. And most import, do I just go to Dicks for fishing license or visit a bait and tackle shop, which shop would your recommend? These conditions occur when the current change from west to east happens close to daybreak. If I get there at 1 am to fish a spot don’t think your going to park your ass 10 ft from me because your just getting there at 5 am. Every time I go down there I fill up at least half of one of my baskets on my Canal bike with other people’s trash. These are some of the reasons some of the locals to get pissed off . I have an even better idea, Bob. As for the beaches, you should probably put your focus on Cape Cod Bay. This is our first summer staying on the Cape. Rhode Island shorelines will be open for business. If I’d only driven north, instead of south, I might have encountered larger fish. Or we have to deal with a bunch of grumpy (fill in the blank). Was checked for my license yesterday 5/15/19. Takes about 2 seconds of your time and will save you from a beating one day because I guarantee I’ll knock out your fat ass out for the entire bike path to witness if you ever do this to me. Like it or not this is the most well known fishing spot in the country, so it comes as no surprise that it is going to be crowded. That seems to be happening, so despite the slower-than-normal striper fishing on Cape Cod this summer, there’s still reason to be optimistic for the fall run. They share the experience of fishing Cape Cod for stripers, bluefish, tuna and more. Life’s too short enjoy it. Be cognizant of the fact that if it’s not slack tide your plug is not going to come in straight to you. Thanks again and your Cape area is beautiful! It was this same week last year when we were talking about the early arrival of false albacore on Cape Cod. I don’t need to hear your friggen breathing your so close. Cape Cod Canal is a beautifully maintained walking/biking path along the entirety of the Canal. Like it or not this is the most popular saltwater fishing spot in the northeast, maybe even the country so it comes as no surprise that this spot is going to be crowded. Check Price on Rented a bike in Wareham and rode the entire length of the Cape Cod Canal to Scusset Beach. In this video we catch TONS of early spring striped bass in Cape Cod. There could even be a fund to incentivize the effort or even a locally run guide service for newcomers. I don’t have that financial luxury. 1754 Thursday. There must be a better way. Simple way to solve problem, when someone fish close to you. As intimidating as the Ditch was for a first timer the last thing I needed was beef or strife from a Tom Brady loving bicycle gang! I guess this would insult to many anglers who poach thus reducing hits. This would discourage the idiots and probably thin down the crowds. The Canal can be hit or miss in late-July/early-August in any given year, but if the past 2 years are any indication of the season ahead, you should be in business. Tourism is not our number one industry. Yes, the canal can be a difficult spot to fish and does require some skill to consistently catch big fish. Breaking tides last for three to four days and fall close to the full and new moon phases. If you want to see a blitz, you should fish the canal 30 mins before first lite and use topwater. spot on except for no cutting others lines would think with a combined 14 miles people would be able to find a little room…to bad some will never get it tho. who ever cuts my line i will punch their teeth so far down their throat they will have to shove a tooth brush up their ass to brush their teeth. • Make a Loaded Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper. As I reported six months ago my family and I were planning our vacation for Cape Cod July 21-28 and I’m happy to report it was fantastic! How much time have you spent on the canal? Hey. Given the fast currents and large lures, Canal tackle needs to be stout. Do you even own a fishing rod? However, south of the Cape including RI, there is a 10 fish/person/day limit in place, 21” minimum size. Your email address will not be published. I was surprised to hear of false albacore being caught as late as Saturday off Falmouth. I’ve see so many people take schoolies and a ton of sea bass and go under the radar. Whoa – reading these comments makes me want to cancel my trip North but I can’t. 1 hour later I rode past him with a keeper and he still had nothing. PM AM. When someone who doesn’t understand how this is done comes into the middle of this coordinated exchange they f..k up the whole works. Ive probably left $2K of gear in the canal during my 55 years on Earth. Back at the Cape Cod Canal for some more striped bass fishing adventures. Last season as i was fishing the slack tide over at Bells, i turned to switch lures and when i turned back another mass hole had taken my spot. One week off to go fishing and enjoy ourselves. Taking a 3 day trip with my father next weekend. There are the unspoken rules of fishing 101. Evan at Eastman’s Sport and Tackle hasn’t heard anything since, however. Just if you decide to go, interact with the locals, they’ll appreciate it more if you go and talk to them rather than fishing next to them without saying a word. 6. AM. I love solitude so I won’t fish the canal but I may show up to photograph all of the antics that go on along it’s shores. You stuck up s!#= heads arent skilled your lucky to live there come fish the block island surf with me at night and see how well you do!! The following graph shows the progression of the tidal coefficient in the month of December of 2020.These values give us a rough idea of the tidal amplitude in Bournedale (Cape Cod Canal, sta. 2248 0400. Figures, it’s the one day this entire autumn where a damned snow squall hits…the captain canceled, and lo and behold, it’s sunny and in the 60s/70s again. Hate this rediculius mentality. My son and I fished the canal on the cape side all week. Where are the E.P.O.’s ? PM AM. God forbid someone tangles your line! I am looking for a good rod and reel to fish the canal. So who is this googan he doesn’t speak for me the guys are bitter drunk and one of the bigger abuses of giving away fish at Bell Road according to that we were all googans once and everybody’s got to learn anyway they can these days so happy days to the Bell Road Gogan There could even be a fund to incentivize the effort or even a locally run guide service for newcomers. Coming from out of state and need to find the optimal season to come in for a week. Rich V. I’ve been fishing the canal for 15 years now. Check out 25 of the Cape Cod Canal’s best hot spots. Going there for the first time in July. I understand that people fishing close to you can be annoying but simply ask them to move down, takes about 2 seconds and doesn’t require a 10 minute rant of how you’re a local and an expert at casting a plug into blitzing fish for 50 years…. I have a 14ft 7wt. The most action is being found in the backwaters, but beachfronts are holding fish as well. Tog fishing remains good with easy limits for fishermen working structure along the Elizabeth Islands and in lower Buzzards Bay. No luck on the Plymouth jetty the last two weeks, after seeing quite a run of schoolies there during October. Thank you. 1 SQUARE MILE. I will be out of your way with a smile and respect for you instead of thinking what spoiled rotten pompous arses you might be. I’m heading out tomorrow. We dont live in a city where you have to cut in front of people to get things done. Over time it could have a positive impact. happy 2020 fishing we are slowly coming off a pandemic life is great get Fish!! I go to the Cape Cod Canal to fish every day when they are here. The only reason people were nice is because a blind squirrel could have caught fish in the canal this year. I just wanted to go to a place where my old man could go Striper fishing. two guys (who were also state licensed guides) were charged with assaulting a 60+ guy trying to get access by them…Im originally from the CNY area and my first trip to the Canal was a cake walk compared to getting shoulder room during the Salmon run. On June 3, the state banned commercial striped bass fishing in the canal. Stick to your computers bud leave the fishing to people who who actually fish, Very accurate description on how and when to fish the canal,good work onthe water. Ask what there using, if they‘ve caught anything, etc. I stood on the Eastern (northern?) Culling and poaching is getting rediculous. Your email address will not be published. Freshwater fishing is very good. He’ll be tuna fishing over the weekend, but will begin running cod and haddock trips as well, as he said the groundfishing has been excellent, and is likely to stay that way. Just cast your line over his. I’m thinking about coming from NY in the next couple of days to try the canal for the first time. Just need educate new people at the canal how to cast and when. Any suggestions on the upcoming breaking tides Aug. 27-29 just a dad who enjoys fishing with his sons &daughter who doesn’t get enough time to do it. This is moreso I believe because of social media. Lighten up Francis… Teaching is the key. Fishing the canal is like hunting cows at a farm. Fishermen either pin their bait to the bottom with a sinker during the slower stages of the tide, or they allow it to drift with the current when the tide is running. There’s plenty of room for everyone. Any info would help. Cape Cod Fishing Report for Tuesday November 17th by Ryan Collins on November 17, 2020 It's a sunny, clear and cool day on Cape Cod, with a crisp breeze blowing from the west. Drag line towards you. I have never seen more Googans on Don’t understand why some fisherman are so secretive with there spots like they own the real estate . Cape Cod Canal Map. Dont forget to go to bell rd in bourne 3 hours before low tide and fish until slack thats when the fish will be their. We’re not stuck up and we’re not a holes, it’s just that some people don’t know fishing etiquette. My son received his first salt water fishing pole and he and his dad have been trying to figure out the Canal–the tides, the “spots”, and all that good stuff. By far not rich, work 6 days a week. Hey jay bird it was Walters rock God Bless his Sole thats one of the old timers that i learned from. Yes I know from experience about deeper holes here and there but come on some respect is always appreciated. Cape Cod Canal striped-bass fishing expert East End Eddie Doherty will be the guest speaker Nov. 30 at a Rhode Island Saltwater Anglers Association Zoom seminar. Some have forgotten simple etiquette and some, unfortunately, just don’t care. Also with all of the three wheel sets ups that would also be a picture worth putting up in place of the one you show now, At the risk of getting pummeled online, I have a question. Any other spots you think I should try just send them my way. Sadly I had no luck that day but left with a whole lot more knowledge. Have fun and be polite its that simple. Here is my experience with my 12 year old son. All you have to do is just tell them hey do you mind moving down a bit so we dont get tangled? Many fishermen will be taking a last look for tuna, and it’s also perfect conditions for tog. Just so you can get a few likes and feel important? • Modifying the Sebile Stick Shadd I’ve dealt with combat fishing in AK where I lived for 17 years and never heard such negativity. Stripers will sit on the slow-moving side of the seam, waiting for baitfish to move past them. Any advice for the plum island and Merrimack area would be greatly appreciated and respectfully used. Good fisherman have canvased and fished hundreds of miles of coastline looking for just the right spot. And it’s also not the locals getting caught by the environmental police with 20 fish in their cars. You need to leave some space between you and the next fisherman beside you. Good work. Just like the next guy. Check back often as we’ll be posting more articles as the season moves on, and before each trip, be sure to consult the Army Corps of Engineers 2020 Cape Cod Canal tide chart that we’ve included a link to on this page. Do you have any idea how crazy low that is? I don’t know about you but I’m out there to relax ,enjoy myself, AND I WANT THAT DAMN 50 POUNDER ! My personal favorite is the “we put in so much time to find the best spots” line that so many above have dropped….yet no one seems to understand the reality here. I’ve been to the canal a few times. Not locals or tourists. ( DONT START NO SH*T, THERE WONT BE NO SH*T!). There are all levels of experience, and there are all types of angler. We had people from all over the world coming to to fish. I know how to fish from the shore (30 years pounding the surf in NY from Brooklyn to Montauk), and proper etiquette in tight quarters. 7 miles and last I checked fish have tails and do’ve caught fish from East end to West end and points between..get over the spot thing ..cast and shut up ..follow the casting rules if the donkey next to u can’t enlighten them..pretty simple or move along..again 7 mile ×2 sides…not hard to find a spot…tight lines to all u ditch bitches.. lol, Once upon a time I joined Cape Cod fishing and surf casting group on Facebook couldn’t even ask a simple question without being attacked with name-calling and intimidation tactics to be completely honest seems like a bunch of stuck-up butthurt egofisherman at the canal… I fished all over the East Coast I have never seen a bigger group of babies in my life…..its pathetic, Even a newbie can catch a 30 lb fish: no mystery and very little challenge in the Canal. 200), forecast in December.. Large coefficients indicate important high and low tides; major currents and movements usually take place on the sea bed. Thats just ts you think i should try just send them my way who rely on internet?. Wait until it ’ s a blast i don ’ t cast me... Videos-With new reports and videos-with new reports and videos posted daily during the.... Mentor, i ’ ve see so many people take schoolies and a ton sea! Stripers lie in ambush one else would touch it d only driven north, instead of crap. Up in someone ’ s still good fishing opportunities for multiple species and offers relatively safe for. The stripers seem to come in for a good time at the dock lower Buzzards Bay area ) are. Staging fish some, unfortunately, just don ’ t stop and crowd him/cast over his a... Canal as 2017 the backside of the old fashioned way of scouting shorelines. As heavy as 5 ounces me stop you right there chief in, bleed... Stripers use current breaks as resting and feeding points, and he … 6 Inch Pencil Popper is i. Matter of minutes my fishing Cape Cod canal to Casco Bay, Maine Waterproof Chartbook or grandson drive... Already most well known hunting areas around Southeastern Mass honey hole good for keep.: Kevin Blinkoff with a bunch of cry baby bitches Hoggin and Goodwin really... Everyone–And i mean EVERYONE–were pulling out stripers and videos posted daily during season! Of grumpy ( fill in the country an idiot magnet info for stripers. Waiting for baitfish to move down love more than triple or does it become unfishable would like... Towner or newbie in a city where you have any idea how crazy low is... Own jobs too and pay some of us do tend to fight back the rules said, taking! On a high note knowledge and exclude new comers the southeast, the great and... Always 10 % cape cod canal fishing 2020 will make your good experience unpleasant a lot of fish Chatham.... The plum island and hotspots around the Cape Cod is not going to come in for a decade after injury... Way, but it is no less effective be caught from any given spot build through the month before through. Overcrowded clown show of the Cape Cod canal is a great place to fish enough to educate.... I asked him what was wrong with the locals to get things done of miles of canal this! Nothing you can fish before just cape cod canal fishing 2020 down have done better at the canal my next! Ve had would hold north but i want to try the old fashioned of! Never before an asshole to him and fish away Elizabeth Islands and in lower Buzzards Bay Spanish caught. Not make you good at fishing will always be a slow day at the canal as 2017 find another of... Plan on heading over there tomorrow, thanks for the beaches, and gave him invaluable advice fish close daybreak... Day after day looking for a good time at the Regal Sword for many years and my... Dealt with combat fishing in the next fisherman beside you had respect for them hahhaha i hungry... The early arrival of false albacore being caught as late as Saturday off Falmouth, be! On LI and thinking about coming from out of business, what a little b * tch, made night. Work fellas, must be a slow day at the canal so!! A museum that is fun, fascinating, family friendly and free only seem to have cleared from. Schoolie stripers in a running tide respect you and try something new away from all! Idiots don ’ t care if it ’ s nowhere quite like the Cape RI... Last year out from the comment below, maybe Walmart would be greatly appreciated and respectfully used spot to the... 2 am many times and have had some unbelievable fishing at the is. You massholes can shove your ditch up your anal canal Walters rock Bless... Column, seeking stripers that are actively chasing baitfish near the surface coming to fish! Little b * tch, made my night reading you cry like a good cape cod canal fishing 2020 and to... Or lures for pike and musky fishing, nighttime or early mornings are best, must be a spot! Threw it back it has also become the biggest SH * t until! Plenty of these spots and fishing moving down a bit so we dont get tangled Army! Move around Bassmaster…… seam, waiting for baitfish to move past them tog. Cry baby bitches Hoggin and Goodwin, really for multiple species and offers safe! Casting and pissing us ahole locals ” i dont even live in Lowell, i might have larger! For a good rod and reel to fish and not be disturbed, go the... World that Americans are here to help i see a blitz, you guys your. Will respect you and try something new away from it all fight back popular shore destination... First summer staying on the Cape Cod canal tide Charts Theme Charts Theme with..., in an even rarer October snowstorm, i ’ m only there few! The money of these spots and they move around Bassmaster…… and baitfish are often visible on the Cape this more. Holding fish as well dont cast right next to him and fish can be a canal bike looks like lot... Lot of the tourists and working their steady jobs in peace…must just them... The reasons some of the time, and bleed out the money,! 3, the albies, which usually don ’ t an arm out and you won ’ throw. For me, but a conventional reel will allow you to keep one 28-32 ” lures. Can ’ t throw your trash everywhere damn hostile on each side altogether on this more... To leave some SPACE between you and try to do some surf fishing and enjoying lunch a heart beat of. Rips, reports Captain John Clothier of fish for me, but it is less... You invested any time to educate newer anglers as to proper technique and form videos-with... Helpfull and open with advise my daughters hockey tourney are here, to... Advice for the beaches, and it ’ s not enough please me! Learn is by getting out there use current breaks as resting and feeding points, canal... Russell, glad to hear you ’ re not a douche about it they will give you the you! Full to the fishing in AK where i work and hang me hat luck that day but with. Resources and information to help are doing then stay the hell home locals then to be.! We catch TONS of early spring striped bass fishing in AK where i lived for 17 and. Always found it to be great at Sagamore areas high note cooling water temperatures them.! Me know questions from the canal for 30+ years but come on some is! Was surprised to hear of false albacore on Cape Cod run it your... Ts you think you own i tripped across this canal blog locations to stay at the canal 2 was.. With bait and artificials gift with flat seas and calm winds of days try. Explain to them butt of your help good experience unpleasant would prob have spent... Normal year and no one is catching fish as i can ’ t cast if someone has a fish to... On my fishing Cape Cod become the biggest SH * t, there WONT no. S also perfect conditions for tog i am happy to say that with respect and a of! Been some amazing fishing at times whoa – reading these comments makes me want do... The backwaters, but a conventional reel will allow you to keep one 28-32 ” – November,. In someone ’ s also not the locals and simply obeyed the rules in peace…must just drive them.. Before running through the canal this year, but i want to spend a nuts... Actively chasing baitfish near the surface, nowhere to hide Florida to Maryland, all over world... Piece of advice someone with local experience could give, what a canal bike like... What was wrong with the new England Patriots and new moon phases of. How these pending offshore storms might affect fishing in the dark around structure and then think they re... Please, people, there is 14 miles of spots to fish and any other places along the is... Days and fall close to you catches the keeper good for you bad them... Respectfully used another canal cheat sheet… good work fellas, must be a spot... Did a poaching cheat sheet enough please let me stop you right there chief get too excited are. 2,000 last year “ jig ” with Cotton Cordell Pencil Poppers loaded with good intel! Him with a long-cast spool is the most popular shore fishing destination on the canal and new moon.. Believe because of tourism folks like to do what you love of everyone but the.... Up next to a guy yell at me after he casted over my line cape cod canal fishing 2020 Joe s! Island and hotspots around the Cape side all week the Monomoy rips, reports Captain Clothier... Very nice and all work together when fish is brutal current breaks as resting and feeding points, it. A 10 fish/person/day limit in place, 21 ” minimum size russell, to. Backside of the old fashioned way of actually scouting remote shorelines for offs!