Growing rapini, or broccoli raab, in your home garden, can yield delicious benefits. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for websites to earn referral/advertising fees by advertising and linking to You can start growing rapini (commonly marketed as broccoli raab or broccoli rabe in the United States) organically in your home garden if you want to grow something different. While frozen ground in winter usually requires you to raise spring broccoli from transplants, fall crops can be grown from seeds sewn directly in your garden. All parts of the plant are edible: the leafy greens, the flower buds and the stems. Water regularly, letting the soil dry in between watering. Shelley has been writing and editing garden stories for 10 years, and has a Master Gardeners certificate in Oregon. Broccoli Raab or Rapini is grown for the florets or flower bud shoots that combine the flavors of mustard greens and broccoli and have a slightly bitter taste. Excellent choice for early fall planting and winter harvest. Although the vegetable will grow in a variety of soils, it thrives in well-drained, fertile loams. You can choose to either sow your own seeds, or purchase transplants from a nursery. Transplant outdoors 6–12" apart. You can also start seeds indoors or on a covered porch in pots in late summer and transplant out in early fall for an autumn harvest. Depending on the variety of broccoli rabe you're growing, it can be planted and harvested at different types. Easiest Roses To Grow: Foolproof Rose Growing Guide, How to Grow Swiss Chard in Pots or Containers, 8 Rules for Healthy Houseplants That Everyone Should Know, 15 Low Maintenance & Pet Friendly Houseplants. The flavor of garden-fresh broccoli is beyond compare to anything you find in the supermarket. You can technically keep broccoli growing indoors, but this cruciferous veggie loves brisk, cool weather and will thrive in natural sunshine. Store broccoli in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. Although most people think the broccoli rabe plant is just another type of broccoli, it's in fact not really related to broccoli at all, but rather more related to turnips and mustards. If temperatures are kept at 75 degrees F, you can expect germination in about six days. I plant intensively, spacing plants about 18-24 inches apart in the beds. How to grow fall broccoli. Prepare fertile, well-drained soil. For a fall planting, sow seeds about eight to ten weeks before your average first frost date. When to Plant Rapini can be grown from early spring to fall. This allows me to pack a lot of plants in a small space. It is the flowers that make up the broccoli that we know and eat. If possible keep soil temperatures over 75°F/24°C until germination, then reduce air temp. You've come to the right place! Just think of broccoli as a flower that hasn’t bloomed. Johnny Seeds recommends direct-sowing in the garden, planting the seeds 1/4 to 1/2 inches deep and 1 to 2 inches apart. Broccoli is a cool-season crop that bolts or goes to seed in hot, dry weather. The fall varieties are grown for fall harvest, and they are more heat-tolerant than the spring varieties. It can be used in salads and vegetable dishes or it can stand alone. I like to grow 3 or 4 plants of each type in spring, and then again in fall. When to Plant. I grow both types in our decimal garden. In the meantime, you can sow seeds indoors, filling a flat of seed trays to be placed on your window or under a grow light. Contrary to popular belief though, broccoli rabe can be quite delicious in salads and sautees! Cauliflower and broccoli grow best between 65 and 80 F. Broccoli grows well when planted in late winter or early spring for an early summer harvest, or in late summer or fall for a late fall or early winter harvest. Harvest by cutting the stem 5-6 inches under the bud. If you live in a warm climate, you may find it grows well in the winter. Do broccoli plants grow from spring through fall/early winter or do you have to pull them up in July/August and plant new ones? Broccoli Will Grow Anywhere in New England Gardens Whether you live in northern Maine or south coastal New England, broccoli is an easy-to-grow vegetable anywhere in New England because it likes to grow in cool, sunny weather. Plant a fall or winter crop in mid to late or summer or early fall. If growing broccoli rabe in containers, be sure your pots or containers have good drainage as well as well draining soil. To make matters more confusing, broccoli rabe, like an aunt who marries often, has several monikers. Depending on your location, plant broccoli rabe in either the winter or early spring for a spring harvest or in late summer or fall for an early winter harvest. Broccoli rabe is a cool-season crop, planted to mature in cool weather. You can direct-seed this plant into the garden if a freeze it not expected, or purchase seedlings and transplant them. If growing broccoli raab from seedlings, take extra care when transplanting so as … You grow broccoli rabe like any other plant in the cabbage family. Watch video. How long you can harvest broccoli depends mostly on weather conditions.